Overall System Logic

Blockchain and real-life application: At AVANZO, we think that blockchain technology should be used to carry out real-life demands since we can't separate blockchain from real-life. AVANZO uses blockchain technology to connect people from around the world to share investments and have complete control over them thanks to our smart contract platform built on Binance. This allows us to connect people from around the world and give them control over their investments, how they are paid, and how they decide the future of their investments, which is not possible with traditional investment options. This couldn’t be done without blockchain technology.
Figure 2, which depicts the system's flow, illustrates this. All $AVAN token holders are invited to vote on a proposal comprising three suitable investment options. The proposal with the most votes will be chosen, at which point a pool will be formed, and investors will need to fill it with a money equivalent to the worth of the property. The money will be transferred to the purchasing wallet to complete the purchase of the selected property when the pool has been full and closed. The property will then be invested, and the annual returns will be divided as follows: After subtracting costs related to the property, 30% will go to the corporation and 70% to the investors.
The DAO will let the investors choose whether they want their payouts in a particular cryptocurrency or a stablecoin that is closely tied to the value of the dollar.
Figure "2"