Legal Disclaimer

Good to know (Legal Disclaimer): Nothing in this White Paper should be construed as a sale or purchase offer for any tokens. This White Paper is being released by Avanzo only to solicit opinions and comments from the general public. If and when Avanzo makes any tokens (or a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens) available for purchase, it will do so through formal offering procedures that include a disclosure statement and risk considerations. This White Paper will likely be changed and will likely be substantially different from the current form in those final publications as well. The offering will probably be restricted to accredited investors only if and when Avanzo does one in the United States. Nothing in this White Paper should be taken as a guarantee or promise concerning the future development of the Avanzo firm or the tokens, their utility, or their value. The objectives in this White Paper are current; however, Avanzo maintains the right to change them. Several external elements, including market-based variables, variables relating to the data, and cryptocurrency industries, among others, will affect the success of these strategies. Any forecasts of future events are solely based on Avanzo's examination of the issues described in this White Paper.