Platform & Mobile App


To enable investors to easily maintain complete control over their portfolios and track performance and returns, the best experience for our investors will be provided by a mobile App that will be developed to interact with the smart contract, as well as deposit and withdraw funds or profits, with 24/7 Support for any type of error partnered with 10clouds top experienced App developing company with blockchain & smart contract background.

App services

It will be developed on both iOS and Android, granting access to a large user base and allowing them to link wallets, such as Metamask, trustwallet, etc. You will be able to access the following services, as well as the capability to link your hard wallets:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    DAO voting
  3. 3.
    Monitor your investments & profits
  4. 4.
    Monitor coins of your choice from the market
  5. 5.
    Alerts on new investment proposals and votes on them
  6. 6.
    Over view of company total invested amount
  7. 7.
    Monitor company invested countries
  8. 8.
    In-app wallet " future feature"
  9. 9.
    Payment services


Because it is real estate investments, some governments will request KYCs of the investors for some regulation as they say (To ensure security and prevent money laundering) Therefore, we have to ask the investors to provide KYC (know your client) form.


Multiple levels of security will be available for each user's account.
  • Email Sign up
  • Mobile number linking
  • Biometric log in
  • OPT linking example "google authenticate"

Personal information

Firewalls safeguard your personal data while it is processed, stored, and accessed in secure data centers under stringent access and control procedures. 2048-bit SSL encryption is used to safeguard any data transferred between AVANZO, our servers, and other parties.

APP overview

This is an overview of the app's conceptual features; the design and functionalities may change while it is being built.
Figure "7"